May 17, 2011

Master of Social Work Program at Roberts Wesleyan College

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By Todd Kennedy

After graduating from Defiance College with a Bachelor of Social Work, Todd Kennedy went on to pursue his Master of Social Work at Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester, New York. One of the leaders among American liberal arts colleges with a particular focus on Christianity, Roberts Wesleyan College has earned a reputation as a high-quality educational institution that places a special emphasis on the importance of community service. The Master of Social Work program at Roberts Wesleyan, designed to prepare students to become successful and considerate leaders in social work agencies across the country, provides students with the opportunity to gain real-world experience.

Above all, the program seeks to continue the college’s tradition of Christian service by preparing the next generation of leaders for their careers in both public and private agencies. To accomplish its mission of serving the Christian community at all levels, the college’s Master of Social Work program maintains a challenging curriculum that prepares students for agency-based direct practice in mental health or child/family environments. By combining an academic study of social work with a considerable wealth of professional experience, the program equips students with the tools necessary to work with a wide variety of client systems and organizations. In keeping with its status as a Christian liberal arts college, Roberts Wesleyan places a special emphasis on serving the needs of disadvantaged communities and prepares students to address the spiritual and religious aspects of life.

Field instruction, one of the most important aspects of the Master of Social Work program at Roberts Wesleyan, allows students to gain meaningful experience in the concentration area of their choice. Under the guidance of the Director of Field Education, students explore opportunities in the professional community and begin to develop the necessary knowledge, skills, and values to become successful social workers. During the first year of education, students typically work within a generalist practice to acquire the fundamentals of social work in the field. In the second year, students have more freedom to choose an area of concentration that suits their needs and interests. To learn more about the Master of Social Work program at Roberts Wesleyan College, visit the department’s website at